Allegory in Genesis Creation

The initial Genesis creation account can be taken allegorically, consistent with the way God speaks throughout His word. It had to have been communicated to someone through revelation because no humans had been created yet. The Word is full of examples of God giving truths like this in symbolic manners, especially regarding major events. Think about the grand historical sweeps in Daniel, the distant messianic passages in Isaiah, or John’s end times description in Revelation. While such passages are generally described as symbolic descriptions, that’s not always the case (think of Nicodemus). The passages that most directly refer to six days also indicate that at least part of the account is being described symbolically, so it is reasonable to treat the whole thing that way. With the account as an allegory, there is no clear indication in Scripture of the age of the universe, so the reasonable use of science leads us to understand the universe’s great age. The same science describes the unfathomable energies involved at the cosmic level, and yet we note that this is described as God merely speaking. Truly such a picture of creation displays God’s eternal power!

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