Evolution and Tomorrow’s Weather

God is clearly sovereign over the weather. In the Old Testament, people asked Him to change the weather because no other agent had any power to. This important fact showed that He was really in control of it, not the so-called false gods of pagan religion. That’s why it was so significant when Jesus commanded the weather Himself — it showed He is God.

So should Christians ignore weather forecasts? Do they somehow compromise Jesus’ deity? After all, meteorologists claim fluid dynamics really control the weather. They don’t don’t invoke God in their forecasts, or give Him credit for whatever transpires. Should we object to this?

Of course not. We recognize that God is always in control of weather, even as He allows it to unfold as meteorology describes. No forecast or understanding of the natural phenomena can override the fact that God determines the real course of the weather. In fact, even when we seem to understand how a set of conditions progressed over time, we have no problem attributing the whole thing to God’s control.

Similarly, we recognize that God is always in control of nature, even as He allows it to unfold as evolution describes. Although atheists use this in an attempt to disprove His existence, we know better. Atheists would also argue that meteorology, or all sciences for that matter, disprove God’s existence. But we will have none of that. The fact that science generally works doesn’t mean that God isn’t ultimately in control. We can understand that, but we cannot expect an atheist to understand. And the fact that science is wrong sometimes, or has limitations, doesn’t mean it should be completely ignored.

There is no more problem with evolution than with weather. The real problem is with people who don’t know God, and don’t recognize how creation proclaims Him. The solution to this problem isn’t to discount their science, but to introduce them to our Lord. The argument with science is a strategy of the enemy to prevent such introductions. Sure, they may not respond to the introduction, but that may always be the case when sharing the Truth. That’s no reason to ignore their eternal status.

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