Evolution and God’s Nature

God is ultimately in control of everything, even when it’s not obvious to us. For whatever reason He allows evil to exist, He nonetheless uses it to accomplishes His purposes. He is the supernatural Force that causes evil to ultimately produce good. Just as He used the Assyrians to purify Israel, the evil actions of Joseph’s brothers to accomplish good, and Jesus’ death to provide salvation to the world, He even causes the difficult things in our own lives to work for good. This is part of His divine nature.

Evolution is the idea that, in the operation of principles such as natural selection, corruption becomes a tool for richer and richer life. It is a natural force that uses the evil of pain and death to bring about beautiful order. It turns slime into butterflies.

Considered this way, evolution becomes a picture of God’s divine nature. It shows us that, despite our own expectations, evil can not only be beaten, it can be used to produce good. Again, God causes everything in our lives to work out for good — turning the slime in our lives into butterflies.

What if we used this comparison to point people to God, and focus on their eternal state rather than their theological perspectives?

Do you know anyone who’s life is full of slime? Tell them about the One who can turn their slime into butterflies. And if they believe in evolution, use it to speak the truth to them, instead of driving them away.

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