2 Responses to Creation and the Mind of Christ

  1. You use the term, ‘literal’, incorrectly. Literal means actual, not physical, although physical things literally are, literal things are not necessarily physical, e.g., the idea of morality actually is, it is literal, but it is not physical. Kind of like mathematics. The ‘Spiritual Perspective’ you mentioned as I understand it is then quite literal. Look at every application of the word ‘light’. It is overwhelmingly meant as some type of understanding, and understanding is very real, it is literal, yet it is not physical. So following this ‘spiritual perspective’ thread, when God commanded understanding (light) to be in Gen.,1;3, we have a scriptural continuity of single authorship. Given that, we have the seed in Matt. 13, being planted in the earth, the mind prepared by the gracing of belief, that same earth purposed in Gen.,1;1, and since faith comes by hearing ‘we’ must be physical to hear and speak the word of truth to one another. Jesus said his words are spirit, (the Holy Spirit no doubt), and He physically spoke them and indeed had to, that they might be made manifest in this present reality. Spiritual and physical are not contrasting, but the physical is where all types of spirits, (concepts), are manifested, good and bad, otherwise you’ll go gnostic. b.r.bloomberg

    • jim0211 says:

      Good point, I may not have been careful enough in defining what I mean by “literal” myself. But in reality, I tried to use it in the sense that many do when interpreting Genesis 1 — that it means physical in additional to actual.

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