Simple Science Posts

So far, most of the articles written on Creation Reality have had to do with Biblical observations or spiritual reflections. In my next post, I’m going try something new: Short “Simple Science” articles that present scientific topics in (hopefully) simple terms, yet faithfully relate the most important concepts.

In studying creation topics, it’s apparent that much teaching concerns the science of creation — whether science “proves” an old earth or a young one, whether evolution is true or not, and so on.

Often, these teachings are technical enough that many people struggle to follow them if they don’t already read a lot of science, either because the articles are long or technically deep. Other articles are straight-forward enough to be more accessible, but for some reason these seem to be mainly YEC-focused and don’t faithfully represent complete views of the science (in my opinion). The net result is that the most easily accessible materials are often the most misleading.

The goal of the Simple Science articles will be to introduce a single scientific concept in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Some of the articles will present concepts that clearly point to an old creation, while others will treat YEC perspectives that are easily shown to be false. Of necessity, these articles will be only introductions, but there will be links to dive deeper for those who are interested.

I’m very comfortable with science (working in the high-tech industry), and enjoy teaching, so this seems like a natural activity. However, I’m admittedly not an expert in most creation sciences, so am merely summarizing here. Feedback is more than welcome as to whether these work, and whether this is a useful activity.

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