This is a place where I explore spiritual perspectives of Scripture regarding the Genesis creation narrative. Most existing discussion centers around either science, which makes interpretation of Scripture secondary, or strictly academic interpretation, which often ignores spiritual perspectives. Even though the latter does focus on Scripture, there are a diverse set of views that show no sign of converging. Rather than either of these approaches, I’m interested in seeking the Lord’s guidance first, then using exegesis as a tool for validation and clarification, then filling in the gaps with science.

With this path, science is no longer a barrier to faith. Instead, it can be used as a tool for pointing people to God, rather than away from Him.

I am an evangelical Christian, believing in the one true God, with whom we are reconciled only through Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection. He is my Lord and Savior. For a description of how I came to this perspective of creation, here is a testimony. I’m trying to understand why God would have made this such a big deal for me, and this blog is also an exploration of that question.

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