This blog explores Biblical perspectives of creation that start with spiritual observations instead of literary or scientific viewpoints. The resulting approaches are a little different from many creation discussions, yet the goal is to always bring the reasoning back to detailed exploration of Scripture. I hope this balance avoids both overspiritualizing, and reading the Word with a purely natural mindset. Think of it as reading the Bible with the mind of Christ.

Part of exploring the spiritual aspects includes the occasional devotional or reflection, and balance with plain rationality is provided by exploring the occasional exploration of simple science topics.

Reflections of Genesis cover the creation timeframe, the “perfect” interpretation of the text, and the revealed nature of Adam and Eve. Each of these started as seeking prayers, but ended up as careful analysis of what the Bible really says.

With this path, science is no longer a barrier to faith. Instead, it can be used as a tool for pointing people to God, rather than away from Him.

I am an evangelical Christian, believing in the one true God, with whom we are reconciled only through Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection. He is my Lord and Savior. For a description of how I came to this perspective of creation, here is a testimony.

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