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Seeking Answers to the Question of Origins

Have you ever been asked a hard question about the faith? This happens all the time, both privately and publicly. These times are opportunities for us to check our beliefs, to seek to strengthen our foundation. However, it’s vital to … Continue reading

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Creationism: A History of Human Tradition

Some years ago, God led me into a time of prayer and fasting to make the Word clear regarding creation, and showed me how much this topic is veiled in Scripture. Since then, I’ve come to understand how much the … Continue reading

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Why is Jesus the Last Adam?

The question of whether or not Adam was a historical person has generated a lot of debate. It’s common for arguments to look at Scripture passages that relate Jesus and Adam, referring to Jesus as the “second Adam”. The term … Continue reading

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The Power Behind Creationism is Tradition, Not Truth

The debate between science and Christian faith often centers around the different views of creation. But since there are varying views that stem from a Christian perspective, it cannot really be said that faith is the issue. Rather, it is … Continue reading

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