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The Spiritual Bankruptcy of Young Earth Creationism

The debates over creation and the correct interpretation of Genesis inevitably focus on intellectual arguments. Unfortunately, amidst arguments over the meaning of yom, the reliability of radiometric dating, and so on, it’s easy to lose track of the spiritual. But … Continue reading

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The Big Bang and God’s Eternal Power

At the creation of the universe, such vast power was unleashed in a moment that it echoes through the heavens even today. In an instant, all that exists today was forged from nothing. A faint afterglow of radio waves carries … Continue reading

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Fossils and the End of Mortality

The artificial barriers between science and faith get sidestepped in this reflection of what fossils can tell us about eternity. This was written for a photography project, but I think it’s useful here also, as another perspective showing how science/faith … Continue reading

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Evolution and God’s Nature

God is ultimately in control of everything, even when it’s not obvious to us. For whatever reason He allows evil to exist, He nonetheless uses it to accomplishes His purposes. He is the supernatural Force that causes evil to ultimately … Continue reading

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