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How Lake Beds Point to an Old Earth

One of the clearest pictures of an old earth comes from carefully looking at the bottoms of lakes. The evidence there gives a very convincing argument that the earth is at least tens of thousands of years old, hundreds of … Continue reading

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Lifting the Veil of Translation that Obscures “Adam”

Recently, while doing some word studies in the New Testament, I realized how much of what we read is colored by the choices made in translation. Often, there is no direct English counterpart for words in the original language, so the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mapping the Origins Debate, by Gerald Rau

This book attempts to organize various views of the origins debate into six categories and present them in a way that encourages thoughtful, unbiased comparison. Overall, I think it does a good job, and is amazingly free of bias, rancor, … Continue reading

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