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Discerning Literal from Figurative Parts of Genesis

One complaint about a figurative interpretation of the first half of Genesis is that it calls into question one’s interpretation of the rest of the Bible. If one doesn’t believe the straight-forward narrative statements in Genesis 1-11 are literal, then … Continue reading

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Context of Biblical References to Six Days, Part 1: Exodus 20:11 and the Ten Commandments

In an earlier post, we looked at the nature of the two six-day creation references in Exodus (Exodus 20:11 and Exodus 31:17). They both relate it to the establishment of the Sabbath, but they differ in specific Hebrew words used … Continue reading

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Book Review: God’s Pattern for Creation, by W. Robert Godfrey

Following last week’s post about writing book reviews, here’s a first attempt at doing so. The book reviewed is a small, approachable volume that explores a figurative interpretation of Genesis 1 in light of Biblical covenant themes.

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