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Context of Biblical References to Six Days, Part 1: Exodus 20:11 and the Ten Commandments

In an earlier post, we looked at the nature of the two six-day creation references in Exodus (Exodus 20:11 and Exodus 31:17). They both relate it to the establishment of the Sabbath, but they differ in specific Hebrew words used … Continue reading

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A Reflection: Our Place in Creation

This is the view from Erratic Rock State Natural Site near McMinnville, Oregon. The large rock in the foreground originated in the northern Rocky Mountains, nowhere near this spot. It is the only rock of its type outside Canada, and … Continue reading

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Is There a Plain Sense Reading of Genesis 1?

While discussing the creation narrative with someone recently, they made reference to taking the plain sense of Genesis 1-3 and, based on a popular saying, stated that one should take the plain sense as the intended meaning whenever it makes … Continue reading

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The Language God Used to Speak Genesis

Throughout the Bible, there are statements that seem difficult or confusing when first read, but become clear when the culture is taken into account. Sometimes the statements are not only confusing to our modern perspective, but actually seem to be … Continue reading

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Seeking Answers to the Question of Origins

Have you ever been asked a hard question about the faith? This happens all the time, both privately and publicly. These times are opportunities for us to check our beliefs, to seek to strengthen our foundation. However, it’s vital to … Continue reading

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A Reflection: The Voice of God in Genesis Creation

The opening chapters in Genesis are among the most discussed in all of Scripture, primarily because of the different interpretations regarding creation of the universe. Much of the debate seems to boil down to the meaning of yom (day); whether … Continue reading

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Creationism: A History of Human Tradition

Some years ago, God led me into a time of prayer and fasting to make the Word clear regarding creation, and showed me how much this topic is veiled in Scripture. Since then, I’ve come to understand how much the … Continue reading

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