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Evolution, the Image of God, and the Mind of Christ

In a recent online discussion about creation viewpoints, I was challenged to reject evolution because I was “not evolved fish” since I was “made in God’s image”. The idea seemed to be that creation in God’s image was a physical … Continue reading

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Adam and Eve – What’s in a name?

In an earlier post, we explored the use of “Adam” in Genesis, and how common translations obscure the true nature of his name. When that nature is revealed, the sense of the text changes a lot. It turns out that … Continue reading

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God’s Sabbath Rest and YEC Claims

In an earlier post, we looked at Genesis 2:1-4 and saw how the description of God’s rest agrees best with other Scripture when it is interpreted as “repose” — a picture of ceasing work and being refreshed. This became clear … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Genesis Debate, Edited by David G. Hagopian

The Genesis Debate: Three views on the Days of Creation Edited by David G. Hagopian The Genesis Debate is a balanced look at three views of the Genesis days of creation. The presentation is balanced because it combines descriptions of … Continue reading

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Was Darkness “Good” in Genesis 1?

A short time ago, Tyler Franke’s blog God of Evolution published an interesting philosophical argument that animal death was not the result of the fall of man. I agree with the conclusion, but one observation jumped out while reading that … Continue reading

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